In March 2024, the Republic of Moldova (including Transnistria) registered the following developments in its multi-sector security environment: 

  • Foreign Relations and European Integration
    • Noteworthy developments from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration
    • President Sandu’s major meetings and discussions
  • Defense Modernization
    • Mobilization exercises
    • Strategic Defense Agreement with France
    • Moldovan bilateral exercises
    • Major defense-related meetings with foreign partners
  • Domestic Affairs
    • Major Constitutional Court decisions
    • Social and political trends in light of upcoming elections
  • Economic Resilience
    • New Moldovan-French cooperation in economy
  • Energy Security
    • Renewable energy opportunities
    • Enhancing energy infrastructure
    • State visit to a foreign country
  • Transnistria (and Russia)
    • Russian plan to derail Moldova’s European integration
    • Russian elections in Moldova (and Transnistria)
    • Tiraspol airfield incident
    • Autonomous Territorial Unit of Găgăuzia’s (ATUG) cooperation with Russia

T-Intelligence has prepared a 2,036-word intelligence situation report (SitRep) that provides an overview of the past month’s events. As always, the SitRep is prefaced by three to five key judgments that summarize the entire edition.


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