In January 2024, the Republic of Moldova (including Transnistria) registered the following developments in its multi-sector security environment: 

  • Foreign Relations and European Integration
    • Noteworthy developments from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, including official meetings and phone conversations
    • President Sandu’s major meetings and discussions
  • Defense Modernization
    • Moldovan National Army (MNA) personnel training priorities for 2024
    • Delivery of military material aid from an allied country
    • New bilateral exercises
    • Ukraine-related military developments
  • Domestic Affairs
    • Threat of forthcoming hostile campaign
    • Major cabinet changes
    • Moldova’s new EU chief negotiator
    • Update on a high-profile corruption case
  • Economic Resilience
    • Major financial integration with the Eurozone
    • High-value meeting and possible U.S. investments 
  • Energy Security
    • New gas import source
    • Regional energy integration
    • Tender schedule for renewable energy projects
    • Moldovagaz and new gas prices
    • Additional foreign funds
    • New plans related to Gazprom gas
  • Transnistria (and Russia)
    • New tensions
    • Transnistrian reactions
    • Agenda and outcome of Joint Control Commission (JCC) meetings
    • Follow-up on DEC23 incident in the Dnister Valley Security Zone
    • New developments in 5+2 and 1+1 negotiations formats
    • Transnistrian military and security priorities for 2024
    • Russian reaction to the recent developments
    • Moldovan polling stations for Russian elections


T-Intelligence has prepared a 3,200-word intelligence situation report (SitRep) that provides an overview of the past month’s events. As always, the SitRep is prefaced by three to five key judgments that summarize the JAN24 edition.


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