Novatek’s Ust-Luga Gas Complex in Leningrad oblast, Russia, came under drone attack on 21 January 2024.

The strike was accurate and targeted a specific area of the Ust-Luga Gas Condensate Fractionation and Transshipment Complex. This resulted in significant damage facility damage with ripple effects for Novatek’s operations and business. 

By unlocking this assessment, you will gain open-source intelligence on:

    • The drone attack
      • situation report
      • eyewitness image and video analysis
    • The damage inflicted to the Ust-Luga Complex, including:
      • the facility units destroyed.
      • likely repair time.
      • impact on Novatek’s business.
      • effects on port operations and offshore traffic.
    • Background on the Ust-Luga Complex
      • processing output
      • exports potential
      • role in Novatek’s business chain