The Arctic Circle is at the forefront of international geopolitical competition for shorter shipping routes, untapped oil & gas reserves, rare earth element & critical mineral deposits, and icebreaker shipbuilding and services.

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  • the global maritime shortcut offered by Arctic routes, including the Northern Sea Route, the Transpolar Route, and the Northwest Passage;
  • key oil & gas reserves in the Arctic Circle;
  • critical mineral (CM) and rare earth element (REE) deposits in the Arctic Circle;
  • status of selected CM & REE development projects, including the latest discovery in Kiruna (Sweden). 
  • Icebreaking as a service for Arctic-going shipping, including national fees and transit regimes;
  • Icebreaker shipbuilding demand;

Arctic Rush (Executive Report)

The Arctic Circle in the era of geopolitical competition.

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Giulia Prior

SOCMINT/OSINT analyst and Arctic security expert. IMSISS alumni.

Vlad Șutea
Founder & Lead OSINT Analyst

Founder of T-Intelligence. OSINT analyst & instructor, with experience in defense intelligence (private sector), armed conflicts, and geopolitical flashpoints.