In February 2024, the Republic of Moldova (including Transnistria) registered the following developments in its multi-sector security environment: 

  • Foreign Relations and European Integration
    • Noteworthy developments from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration
    • President Sandu’s major meetings and discussions
  • Defense Modernization
    • Talks with European defense companies for the modernization of the Moldovan National Army (MNA).
    • Meeting with a major European country for drafting a defense cooperation agreement focused on MNA modernization and military ties. 
    • Other meetings with foreign officials for military and defense-industry cooperation, including with China. 
    • NATO-facilitated workshop.
    • Special Operations Forces exercises with foreign countries.
    • Moldova hosting a major exercise. 
  • Domestic Affairs
    • Arson at NATO Information Center in Chisinau.
    • Status on Ilan Shor mandate and Interpol.
    • Major plans related to Moldovan border management and security with Ukraine.
  • Economic Resilience
    • Foreign investment talks.
    • National-level cybersecurity plan.
    • Moldovan progress towards Digital Europe Programme.
    • Infrastructure progress concerning bridges with neighbouring countries.
  • Energy Security
    • Approved memorandum of understanding (MoU) on energy connectivity.
    • Tenders for allocating daily and monthly capacities for cross-border electricity exchange with Ukraine and Romania.
    • New operator of the electricity market.
    • Energy cybersecurity development.
    • Meeting agenda of Moldovan Energy Minister Victor Parlicov at the 10th Southern Gas Corridor Advisory Council.
  • Transnistria (and Russia)
    • Energy shortage.
    • Russian Shahed-136/Geran-2 one-way attack drones crashed on Moldovan soil.
    • Update on the customs code dispute.
    • Reactions from Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov.
    • Coverage of the days leading to the Transnistrian ‘Congress of Deputies’ and the fear of a possible Russian annexation
    • The U.S. role in Moldovan-Transnistrian dispute.
    • Possible early signs of Transnistrian first person view (FPV) drone adoption.
    • Appointment in within the Transnistrian paramilitary apparatus.
    • Analyses on the ‘Congress of Deputies,’ Transnistrian request to Russia for ‘protection,’ and the Russian reaction.

T-Intelligence has prepared a 4,500-word intelligence situation report (SitRep) that provides an overview of the past month’s events. As always, the SitRep is prefaced by three to five key judgments that summarize the entire edition.


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