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Russia's invasion of Ukraine did not come as a surprise to those who knew where to look. Our persistent, multi-sector monitoring provides forewarning of impending attacks on Moldova.



Get the 'need-to-know' on Moldova's political, defense, energy, economic, and security developments, including Transnistria and Gagauzia.


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About the SitReps

Monthly intelligence reports on Moldova providing a multi-sector country digest and threat intelligence.

Our mission is to shed light on Moldova's vulnerability to Russian aggression and offer insights into a frequently overlooked yet pivotal region.

The main focus on the Moldova/Transnistria Security SitReps is to provide indicators and early warning of an attack from Russia, monitor Moldova's European integration, measure Moldova's efforts towards energy security, and other similar lines of efforts.

We strongly emphasize all-sector and comprehensive monitoring as essential to heighten awareness regarding Moldova's security situation.

You gain an in-depth but easily digestable multi-sector understanding of Moldova's evolving security landscape.

You receive decision-making support and intelligence to enhance your internal assessments.

You save time and read only what matters. Our intelligence production process deals with the "white noise" so you won't have to.

Foreign policy & European integration, Defense Modernization, Domestic Affairs, Economic Resilience, Energy Security, and Transnistria (and Russia)

These sections are thoughtfully chosen to provide key performance indicators (KPIs) that gauge the effectiveness of Moldova's security measures.

Each month, our sections aim to answer key questions:

  • Is Moldova effectively navigating its European path, strengthening foreign relations with Europe and the international community?
  • How is the Moldovan National Army enhancing its capabilities, tactics, and personnel?
  • Is Moldova's economy demonstrating resilience amid ongoing challenges and threats, while continuing to receive international aid and attract investments?
  • Is the Moldovan energy sector (e.g., gas, oil, electricity) successfully reducing dependence on Russian energy? How is this impacting the consumers and market?
  • What influence do Moldovan domestic affairs (justice, politics, Gagauzia) exert on the country's behavior?
  • Is Transnistria posing a threat to Moldova, and what are Russia's plans concerning the Tiraspol-based separatists?

Every report begins with three to five key judgments, offering a concise summary of the month's developments for swift comprehension.

Following these key judgments are six sections, mirroring the covered sectors/topics: Foreign Affairs & European Integration, Defense Modernization, Domestic Affairs, Economic Resilience, Energy Security, and Transnistria (and Russia).

The SitReps undergo a meticulous and in-depth production process involving comprehensive monitoring of Moldova through Open Source Intelligence means and tools. Our coverage extends to Romanian, Russian, and English language sources, ranging from local news outlets, specialized magazines, to official websites, and local contacts within Moldova.

The collected information undergoes rigorous scrutiny, analysis, and distillation, ensuring that only the most relevant details make it into the final version.

Furthermore, we capitalize on in-house country expertise and our network of contacts in Moldova to provide insightful commentary on events or topics. Our commitment is to present readers with intelligence that offers a comprehensive overview and an in-depth understanding of the events in Moldova for the past month.

They average at around 2,200 words. However, their lenght is contingent on monthly developments.

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Yes, you can access all 2023 reports, which remain freely available on T-Intelligence. However, note that the 2024 editions go more in-depth and benefit from more native input.

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2024 Editions

Moldova/Transnistria Security SitRep (January 2024)

In January 2024, the Republic of Moldova (including Transnistria) registered the following developments in its multi-sector security environment:  Foreign Relations and European Integration Noteworthy developments from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, including official meetings and phone conversations President Sandu’s major meetings and discussions Defense Modernization Moldovan National Army (MNA) personnel training priorities […]

Other Reports

Transnistria: Fears over Possible Annexation Request to Russia

The so-called president of Moldova’s Transnistria breakaway region has called for a general congress of deputies– many fear the separatists will ask to join Russia, raising tensions. While under normal circumstances,  the notion that Transnistria would seek annexation by Russia could be dismissed as a recurring scare tactic or psychological operations (psyops), the current regional […]

Transnistria: Signs of FPV Drone Adoption

Transnistria’s ‘traffic police’ incorporating first-person view (FPV) drones could signal the increasing adoption of a Ukraine war staple among the separatists’ ‘security and military forces’ as ordered by the Tiraspol leadership earlier this year.  TRANSNISTRIAN ‘INTERIOR MINISTRY FLIES FPV DRONES On 20FEB24, the so-called Transnistrian state traffic inspectorate initiated a trial using FPV drones to […]

Target Transnistria: Russia’s Maskirovka and Pathways to Escalation (Threatcast)

KEY JUDGEMENTS  I. We assess that Russian intelligence staged the recent provocations in Transnistria as part of a military deception campaign (“maskirovka”). Russia aims to prevent Ukrainian forces in Odesa province from reinforcing positions in Donbas and Kherson. II. The Transnistrian maskirovka is contingent and could escalate into more palpable operational objectives in the short […]

2023 Archive

Moldova & Transnistria Security Update #13 (December)

Moldova and Transnistria undergo a security turning point in December 2023. Our December edition covers the end of the state of emergency, EU membership negotiations, defense modernization, and regional developments with Ukraine and Romania. KEY JUDGEMENTS  Moldova formally ended its state of emergency on 30DEC23. Chisinau chose not to prolong the measures after their expiration. […]

Moldova & Transnistria Security Update #12 (November)

The European Commission’s endorsement for EU membership talks with Moldova and Ukraine signals a significant stride in Chișinău’s aspirations. President Sandu’s proactive discussions with key EU nations, including Denmark and the UK, further underscore Moldova’s commitment to European integration. The boost in electricity trade among ENTSO-E, Moldova, and Ukraine aims to fortify regional energy security […]

Moldova & Transnistria Security Update #11 (October)

The Moldova/Transnistria Situation Reports (SitReps) are a response to the intelligence obtained by Ukraine and Moldova indicating that Russia plans to overthrow the democratically elected government in Chișinău and maintain the threat of Transnistria high for Ukraine. Drawing from open-source information (OSINF), the newsletter will provide periodic updates on security-relevant developments and analysis. See previous […]