Romania is in discussions with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to purchase the Giurgiulesti International Free Port (IFP) which is located in the Republic of Moldova

Romania’s plan to acquire Giurgiulesti IFP was first disclosed by Romanian Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu during a Digi24 interview on 27SEP23

PM Ciolacu has stated that the Romanian Ministry of Transportation is engaged in discussions with the EBRD, which owns Danube Logistics SRL, a subsidiary of the Dutch Danube Logistics Holding BV. Danube Logistics SRL serves as the exclusive administrator of Giurgiulesti IFP.

 Our intelligence assessment covers the following points:

  • Romania’s expressed interest in acquiring Giurgiulesti IFP
  • EBRD position on talks to purchase the Giurgiulesti IFP as of late-January 2024 in reply to a T-Intelligence request for information. 
  • Moldova’s position on the Romania-EBRD talks
  • Analysis of why Romania wants to purchase Giurgiulesti IFP
    • Ukraine-related plans
    • Medium and long-term plans
    • Geopolitical considerations
    • Economic considerations
  • Other interested parties in purchasing Giurgiulesti IFP