T-Intelligence is an open-source intelligence (OSINT) platform that covers armed conflicts, insurgencies, adversarial military activities, and other security events. We produce periodical strategic analyses, open-source investigations, briefings, and other assessments. 


TO INFORM: Based in the European Union, T-Intelligence seeks to inform and promote Transatlantic security interests. T-Intelligence focuses on comprehensive and practice-oriented analysis infused with a dash of creativity. We aim to inform the Transatlantic citizens on issues of shared interest and provide early warning on common threats. 

TO TRAIN: We provide cutting-edge OSINT training. Our Knowmad OSINT course is for career starting students and professionals from various fields including security, intelligence, law enforcement, defense, journalism & open-source investigations, human rights, policy advising, etc.


We leverage our education in security and intelligence, and professional experience in OSINT to deliver methodologically sound reports. As an OSINT platform, T-Intelligence relies on a myriad of tools and methods, including commercial satellite imagery, digital visual media forensics, crowdsourcing, aircraft, vessel and satellite trackers, and Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT). 

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