T-Intelligence is an open-source intelligence (OSINT) platform, which provides strategic analysis, battlefield reports, conflict mapping, and geopolitical foresight. Based in the European Union, T-Intelligence seeks to inform and promote Transatlantic security interests. T-Intelligence focuses on comprehensive and practice-oriented analysis infused with a dash of creativity.

As an OSINT platform, T-Intelligence relies on a diverse toolkit of crowd-sourcing, data-mining, commercial satellite imagery, and Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT). The collected information is then validated through NATO’s standard Intelligence Source and Information Reliability Method.

The founder of T-Intelligence (call-sign Harbinger) currently pursues a postgraduate degree in Security, Intelligence and Strategic Studies jointly awarded by the University of Glasgow, Dublin City University and Charles University Prague. Having gained in-field experience in Turkey, his special expertise is Middle Eastern security.

T-Intelligence is supported by a team of editors and analysts with diverse regional knowledge.  

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