T- Intelligence is a publishing platform focusing on geopolitical matters from an intelligence framework and an Euro-Atlantic perspective. The platform provides news from various active battlefields, tactical scoops, intelligence observations, strategic analysis, and actionable security solutions. The page seeks to promote the Transatlantic bond, and shape or advocate Euro-Atlantic interests in the geopolitical arena. 

This is a one-man operation. The founder currently pursue an Joint International Master’s Degree in Security, Intelligence and Strategic Studies awarded by the University of Glasgow, Dublin City University and Charles University of Prague. Previously he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Security Studies at Babes-Bolyai University (Cluj, Romania). He focuses on the Middle East and has acquired in-field experience in Turkey. Further, the founder is engaged in multiple Euro-Atlantic projects that proposes to enhance the Transatlantic bond.

The content tends to be lengthier than normal publications. This is because the platform desires to present unique and comprehensive intelligence observations with practical utility. The entirety of T-Intelligence crafts are open-source intelligence (OSINT) bound, collected through crowd-sourcing or data-mining, and validated through the NATO standard “Intelligence source and information reliability” method. The tool-kit also includes Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT), commercial satellite imagery and trend analysis – everything topped with creativity and personal judgments.

T-Intelligence also has a Youtube channel, where video briefings are periodically published, a Twitter page and a Facebook page. In contrast with the webpage, these channels are more active and provide more diversity in content(videos, maps, visuals).

I. V. Ș.